70.3 Training Update: 5 Weeks to Go!

70.3 Training UpdateIn just a little over a month, I will be competing in the Augusta 70.3 triathlon! It is hard to believe. Training has been going okay… definitely not great, but I suppose it could be worse. It has definitely been a challenge to manage training with all of the moving around I have done in the past few summer months. I haven’t had consistent pool access, so I haven’t been swimming at all. However, the fall semester for graduate school is starting this week, and I have pool access at their (very nice) recreation center again! I literally haven’t swam in a month, so I cannot miss anymore swim workouts.

IMG_9117This past week I biked twice for a total of 17 miles, and I ran twice for a total of 6.6 miles. I have been feeling really -meh- at the end of my workouts lately. Usually this happens every once in awhile, but it seems like right now it is happening every time. It is really demotivating and frustrating, and I’m not quite sure what’s wrong. My training plan is pretty simple as it is, and I can’t afford to miss anymore workouts with the race coming up so quickly. Now that school is starting, I really need to focus! The picture from my bullet journal shows just how much I missed. >.< I hate posting this, but maybe it will help keep me more accountable.

My university has a triathlon club. I met some of them yesterday– they seemed nice, but possibly a little intense for me. I am going to go to their informational meeting later this week and check them out anyways. Even though I have a pretty good “resume” of athletic events, I am still quite slow at everything I do which limits where I feel I fit in. The Schweddy Belles in Memphis were wonderful, so I hope I find a similar community of belonging in my new home.

IMG_9116Today is an off day on my training plan. I woke up at 7:30 AM and did my “miracle morning,” and then I headed to campus for grad school orientation. I’ve spent the afternoon running a lot of errands around campus, and now I am chilling on the top floor of the library with a fantastic view of greenery, blue skies, and white fluffy clouds. Depending on how I feel later, I may do some more yoga (I just did 5 minutes this morning). Tomorrow I have the first day of class, and a swim/run. Wednesday is a bike/run, and Thursday is a swim/bike. This weekend has a long ride (3 hr and 15 min) on Saturday with a 15 min run afterwards and a 45 min run on Sunday. I plan on commuting to campus most days (I got the most intense bike lock on the market– the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit– and bike insurance), which is about 7 miles round trip. This is a great way to get some extra miles in!

Five weeks to go. I can do it.

Oh– and I have a GREAT surprise for my blog on Friday! 🙂 Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “70.3 Training Update: 5 Weeks to Go!

  1. That was crazy low mileage for a 70.3 and I think you know that now…..hope you train better next time so it won’t be so painful and you won’t get your chip pulled.

    1. This was just representative of one week of my training, but overall I admit that I was undertrained. Where I am in life right now is not where I would have imagined myself to be when I first signed up for the race. Even though I was undertrained, I decided to accept myself as I was and go for it anyways. It would have been very easy for me to DNS, but I didn’t– I “tri”ed, and I finished, even if it wasn’t in under 8 1/2 hours. And I am proud of that. I will definitely train more next time, but for now I feel good with what happened! 🙂

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