April Recap, Favorites, & Highlights


(Disclaimer: I think a lot of the pictures will show up the wrong way if this is viewed on a mobile device. Sorry!)

“April is the cruellest month.”

In a lot of ways that I won’t get into here, it was, but when I look back it also had a lot of positives.


The Numbers

# books read: 2

# miles ran: 26

# miles biked: 99

# yards swam: 1000

# yoga classes: 0

So… I did pretty good with the biking (1 mile away from 100… ugh). The running was okay, and the swimming leaves a lot of room for improvement, especially with my impending triathlon (which is causing me a lot of anxiety).


This cat is how I felt about swimming this month… 

My Favorites

This was a good month for TV and movies. I finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 and Girls season 5, and I really enjoyed both of them (although Hannah– and really most characters in Girls— were driving me cRaZy). I also watched two good films: The Barkley Marathons and Room. Most of you are probably familiar with Room. The Barkley Marathons is a documentary on Netflix about a crazy trail race that happens every year in Tennessee. I thought it was interesting and inspirational.

My other two favorites for the month are my new Happiness Planner, which I am now using alongside my bullet journal, and the book When We Collided. I don’t usually cry when I read, but I was literally in tears at the end of that book. I’m not quite sure why it hit me on such an emotional level, but I would recommend it to young adult fans.



This was a very busy month! Here are some of the highlights:

Rebel Man Sprint Triathlon. I plan on doing a recap post about the race, but to sum it up I had an awesome swim and run. The bike was okay, and I have nooo idea what I was doing in transitions (they took me forever).


Before the race!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. This is a show I have seen before, but I decided to take myself to see the Theatre Memphis production. It was just as funny as I remembered!


Thunder in the Forest sprint triathlon. Yup, two triathlons in one month. I signed up for this one pretty last minute, hoping to get some open water swim practice before Memphis in May. My swim was literally AWFUL, so I’m not sure it helped… Overall, the race was good though! I got first place in the Athena category, making it the first time I’ve ever placed at a race. It was only out of a few people, but I am still proud.


Rocking my award: a hoodie. 

Dena’s visit. My good friend Dena from Bike & Build came through Memphis with her dad so I got to see her for a couple of days! I showed them the sights on a walk downtown, and we also rode together one day. Even though I hadn’t seen her since our trip ended, it felt like nothing had changed. I am very grateful to have such good friends.


Trip to Atlanta. Teal & I won a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Sweetwater 420 Music Festival! The trip was amazing. Some highlights were the 5 Points area (specifically eating at The Vortex & visiting a feminist bookstore), the aquarium (otters & beluga whales & dolphins & manta rays), the World of Coca Cola, and of course seeing AWOLnation and Ludacris at the actual event!


Our friendship cats. 


The Vortex. AKA the most rockin’ restaurant ever… especially given the amount of Underoath fans that were there because their last concert ever was in Atlanta that night. 


As seen in the feminist bookstore bathroom. <3 <3 <3


The founding members of Lipstick Nation/the BBC. 


Otter noses!!!


Atlanta has all of my favorite things. 


Yeek yeek woop woop.


“I just saw a skeleton. That place looks right up our alley.”

Ariana’s visit. This past weekend, my sister drove up from New Orleans! We had a lot of fun visiting some places in Memphis that I am very familiar with (The Civil Rights Museum, the Pyramid) and some new places (Arcade, Sun Studios). We also went to the Beale Street Music Festival on Sunday, which was technically the first day of May but whatever. We saw The Joy Formidable, Bastille, Zedd, and some other bands. It was a lot of fun!


The oldest restaurant in Memphis. AKA the maker of the most delicious chocolate shake ever. 


Sister selfie.




Where is the lie?


Beale Street Music Festival. 

One more highlight from the month is that I got a second job as a tutor. I’ll be contracted out. Looking forward to making some extra money!

Overall, this month was pretty social for me and filled with travel, friends, family, and new experiences. These are all things I very much need at this point in my life, so I am grateful to have them.

If you read this far, thank you! 🙂 I hope you had a good April, too!

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