The Harry Potter Series: A Re-Read

I enjoyed writing reviews for the books I read last year, and although I fell off the wagon as 2015 came to a close, I am going to start this year fresh! This book review will differ from most because it is of a book that is deeply important to me. I spent a largeRead more

The Terrible & Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances

Happy Monday, everyone! My Monday has gone better than most. Despite getting a less than desired amount of sleep last night, I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. I had a good day at work with my students with minimal stress. I packed a healthy lunch for once and finished a book during my lunch break. I’veRead more

Book Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Parks and Recreation has been my favorite TV show since I first started watching it a year and a half ago, so I knew I had to read Amy’s book of essays eventually… especially now that Parks and Recreation has ended… 🙁 Here is an excerpt from the Amazon description of Yes Please: “In her first book, one ofRead more

Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

If you read this blog, you probably know that I love Lena Dunham and I love Girls. I didn’t read this book for a long time because I read some problematic commentary of it online (regarding alleged sexual abuse). However, I decided to read it for myself. For the record, I don’t believe that Lena sexually abused her youngerRead more

Book Review: White Noise by Dan Delillo

This was a book I had not heard of before, but it was recommended to me. Reading it reminded me of the reading I did in my Contemporary American Literature class in college. Overall, I really enjoyed it!         This book is probably better if you don’t know too much of what it is about beforeRead more

Book Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

This is the only book that I read in April, and it was a re-read. Looking for Alaska is my favorite young adult novel, and it is written by my favorite author. I first read this book in my young adult literature class, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Looking for Alaska is notRead more

Book Review: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

It seems as if I am all about female authors this year. I read this book junior year of high school, but I didn’t remember much of it. I decided it was time for a re-read! The Bell Jar tells the story of a woman named Esther who seems well-accomplished but suffers from undiagnosed mental health problems. EstherRead more