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Five & FiveHello, everyone! It has been awhile. I have this great life plan that I am going to be an awesome blogger (maybe even have thousands of readers and make money off my blog someday…), but so far work and other parts of my life have been too overwhelming for me to really commit to the blog thing. Luckily, I’ve finally found some extra time and wanted to catch you up on my life with five highlights of October and five things I am looking forward to in November!

October is my favorite month of the year. I love fall: the beautiful leaves, the cooler temperatures (although Memphis may have missed the memo on this), and most of all, my favorite holiday– Halloween! This month was jam packed with fun and I was sad to see it end (though the immediate extra hour of sleep via Daylight Savings Time helped make the transition smoother). Here are five highlights from the month:

1. Decorating My Apartment

I live in an extremely small studio that is not big enough to hold all of my belongings. I managed to get my act together and organize it a little bit this month, which also included some holiday decorating and getting new bedding! My bed is famous for being extremely comfortable, and the new bedding makes it feel even more like a fluffy heaven cloud. I bought the same sheets I always get: Pure Beech Jersey Knit made exclusively for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I’ve had the sheets in blue and pink; this time I got them in dark gray. They are so soft and comfortable! My bed became complete with a down comforter, a kind spontaneous gift from my boyfriend. I love love love down comforters, and we got this one from Macy’s. I’m not a morning person, and now it is even more difficult to get out of bed.


Ah, heaven. Ignore the messy floor. 


I added some decorations to my apartment. Sadly, these flowers died the day after I bought them… 

2. Samantha’s Visit!!!

Samantha and I have been friends since 7th grade, and the fact that she still wants to be friends with me after knowing me during that horrible and embarrassing period of my life says a lot. She is the only friend who has come to Memphis to visit me, which gives her a lot of street cred in my book. Last year when she visited we went to Zoo Boo, a Halloween event at the Memphis Zoo which we discovered is intended for small children and their families. However, we made the most of it and turned it into a joke– making her return for this year’s highly anticipated Zoo Boo 2015 inevitable! In addition to Zoo Boo, we had a lot of fun around Memphis. We ate delicious donuts, brunch, and barbecue. We rode an awesome elevator to the top of the Memphis pyramid and saw the aftermath of a dog-jumping-into-water competition (best ever). We attempted to see how Spooky Nights at Shelby Farms lived up to Zoo Boo. Spoiler alert: the only “spooky” thing about the spooky food trucks was that they made my tummy hurt and it was too cold to enjoy ourselves. We watched Halloweentown. Overall, it was an amazing weekend, and I am so grateful to have a friend who is willing to drive that far to visit me! 🙂 I’m hoping to repay the favor and check out Peoria in the near future.


Top of the Memphis Pyramid (which is now a Bass Pro Shop). 


Beautiful elevator. 


Delicious barbecue. 


A fox and a cat ready for ZOO BOO 2015! (Do you like our inverted colors?) 

Side note: I did have one more visitor this month, although this person wasn’t specifically visiting me. My friend/leader from my first Bike & Build trip, Stewart, was in town. I grabbed dinner with him and a mutual friend of ours. It was fun to catch up and reminisce about the greatest experience of my life!

3. Boo Ball 

My boyfriend and I were limited to celebrating my favorite holiday together to the weekend before actual Halloween, which made finding something to do difficult– especially since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. However, we discovered that the Pink Palace (a museum) was hosting the Boo Ball! We had no idea what to expect, but we dressed up and showed up. The event was fun, basically a dance party with drinks and appetizer type foods. My favorite part was our costumes– Little Red Vampire Hood & The Big Bad Werewolf.






4. Breakaway Halloween Fun Run

Breakaway Running is my favorite local running store (and possibly all-time favorite running store), and they host a Halloween Run every year for the holiday and their anniversary. This was the first year I participated, and it was fun! They give participants a free, soft shirt (my friend didn’t get one and I think she is still upset, they’re that awesome) and provide a party after the run. I ended up starting late because I was waiting for my friends to arrive, but we did our own 2.5 mile run. We also made friends with another latecomer, which was great. That girl told us she normally does 1:1 intervals… over halfway into our 5:1 interval run! She rocked it. After the run I got some dinner from the delicious Belly Acres and walked home. All in all, I probably did about 3.5 miles with the walk there/back added. Not bad!


I wore a dress my mom made for a skating program I did in high school. I was shocked it still fit!


Happy birthday, Breakaway! 

5. Halloween Itself

On Halloween, I went to my friend Teal’s house and then to a party. I’m not much of a party person anymore (I’d much rather hang out in a small group than with a bunch of people I don’t know), but I had a good time and was grateful to Teal for encouraging me to go! It was a nice way to end my favorite month.


I was a cat– specifically Luna from Sailor Moon.


Even Hedwig got sexy for Halloween! 

Halloween is over, and just like that it feels like Christmas is on its way. People certainly don’t take time between the holidays, but I think that’s okay. Celebrating is fun! I’m not quite on Christmas level yet, but I do have a lot to look forward to in November:

  1. Gateway to the Delta 10 miler- My marathon training has me scheduled to do a 9 miler this weekend, so I decided to spontaneously sign up for this race so I can do the run with some friends (and with course support). I’m a bit nervous. The run is this Saturday; wish me luck!
  2. MRTC Road Race Series Half Marathon- I’m not going to be a Road Warrior, but completing this race will make me a finisher! This race is a week from Sunday. 🙂
  3. Bullet Journal- I started a Bullet Journal this month, and I am OBSESSED. I liked my Passion Planner, but this format just fits me so much better. Expect a preview post soon!
  4. THANKSGIVING BREAK!- Although I am not technically a first year teacher, it still feels like I am. It feels like this year has lasted forever already, which isn’t ridiculous to say since I started late July after working 12-hour summer conference days every day for June & July.Basically, I haven’t had a break since May, and I am definitely starting to feel burnt out. For Thanksgiving, the boyfriend and I are going to Florida to meet the family. We are also going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I cannot wait!
  5. Work results?- I have been trying really, really hard lately to use new strategies with my students to help motivate them to complete their work (I teach independent study for all subject areas). So far, I haven’t seen the progress I am looking for, but I am hoping that this changes this month! I feel like I am finally developing some really good relationships with my students, and that makes me happy. 🙂


Enough about me! What about you? What was your highlight in October? What are you looking forward to in November? Comment below! 

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