Last Week’s Workouts

Last Week's WorkoutsI am proud of myself because I feel like I am getting back on track with my fitness and finally getting on track (maybe for the first time, really) with my nutrition! I’ve been doing a nutrition program this past month called Swim, Bike, Fuel, and it has been really helpful. More on that later!

Originally, I was registered for the Little Rock Marathon in March. I ended up changing my registration to a half marathon because I didn’t work out for basically the entire month of December due to various illnesses/a mild case of pneumonia. I’m still excited for the challenge of a half marathon (my second one), and I am also getting ready for triathlon season– with a big surprise that I don’t quite want to announce yet!

I’m not sure if anyone actually wants to read about my workouts, but I think it will be interesting to have at least for myself so I can look back on them and see how I have (hopefully) progressed.

Also– special thanks to the bf for enrolling us at the Y! I enjoy the space and having a workout buddy 🙂

Monday, January 18- OFF

Tuesday, January 19– 3.3 mile treadmill run. Running on treadmills is not ideal but it gets dark early now and last time I ran in the dark I fell, so treadmill it is.

Wednesday, January 20– Y-Cycle (1 hour spin class). I thought this class was okay. It was a lot different than spin classes I am used to. I was glad to get on a bike, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to this specific class.

Thursday, January 21– 3.2 mile treadmill run.
Friday, January 22– OFF (I am supposed to have a lyrical dance class on Fridays, but this week’s was cancelled due to the “snow.”)
Saturday, January 23– Swim 825 yards. Back in the pool for this first time in months! I am the slowest swimmer in the world, and I am hoping to get some lessons before the first tri of the season. Regardless, the workout was nice. It was the first time I ever did a pre-planned workout, and I liked the structure. I messed it up a little though– I’ll have to write the workout down on paper next time so I don’t have to rely solely on memory. It was also the first time I got to try the swim feature on my Garmin Vivoactive. It was awesome! Before the swim, I did 3 sets of 5 push-ups, 20 sec. plank, 20 mountain climbers, 8 tricep dips, and 8 overhead press squats with 8 lb. weights.



My speed is embarrassing, but it is something to improve on. 

Sunday, January 24– 5 mile treadmill run. This was supposed to be 6, but I felt terrible during this entire run and am lucky I even made it to 5. I think it is because I didn’t eat enough beforehand and was dehydrated. Oh well. I suppose the hardest workouts are the ones that make us strongest.


My running speed could also use some work… 

Overall, a great week! I am very proud of myself and looking forward to making progress. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s plan, as well as some nutrition goals I have set for myself.


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