Meet Rosie!

Meet RosieToday is National Dog Day! And it is a very special National Dog Day for me because today is my first day with my new furry companion, Rosie <3.

Rosie comes all the way from Oxford, MS. She’s adopted from the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society. She got there because they found her and her siblings abandoned in a ditch, so I am glad she has a safe home now! Rosie was given to me as a gift (best. gift. ever.), and I love her so so so much!!!

She is 2 months old (estimated birthday- June 22) and currently weighs 7 lbs. I don’t know her breed for sure, but she seems like she is a borador (border collie/labrador mix). All I know for sure is that she is “boradorable.” 🙂

Her current interests include: chasing her tail, pouncing like she is Simba from The Lion King, napping the majority of the day, training treats, knocking her bowl over and then eating her food, cuddling, and meeting her adoring public. She’s getting a little tired of the paparazzi already– give a pup some privacy! Regardless of this, I was able to snag some top notch photos of her first day in Columbus.


Our first cuddle! 


Rosie likes to bite fingers. 


Having a little rest on my shoulder before going outside. 


Rosie is going to be a great partner in grad school. She’s already reminding me to study!


She doesn’t yet understand a frisbee. She thinks it might be a UFO. 


Another one of her interests is sitting on faces. 



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