My 100 Days of Health: Day 14

Well, I am two weeks in to my 100 Days of Health, so I thought I would provide an update. This will be quick because I am short on time.

Nutrition: I am officially 14 days soda-free! That is a strong accomplishment for me. I still get times where I miss it, but I have been compensating for this by drinking lots and lots of LaCroix. Seriously. So much LaCroix. I really enjoy drinking it in a wine glass, for whatever reason. I have also been taking a caffeine pill each morning to help with energy since I also do not drink coffee. In regards to food, I have been eating fairly well. I ate a few desserts (a slice of cheesecake, some cookies, a Jeni’s ice cream cone) this past week because I had guests visiting and was having trouble resisting, but I have generally had way less sugar than I used to (especially since I have given up soda). Now that I am back to my normal schedule, I have had less desserts. Today I had a banana and a PB&J on a wheat sandwich thin for a hybrid breakfast/lunch. There were snacks in my class, so I had grapes, a clementine, and spring rolls a girl made (that were DELICIOUS). For dinner I had chicken tenders, peas, and, carrots. Pretty good! 🙂

Meh. I have not been getting enough exercise in the traditional sense. I feel like I have been walking a lot lately, especially this past weekend (I went to the zoo). Today I took Rosie on a 2 mile walk, which was nice. I have noticed lately that walking helps me come up with a lot of good, creative ideas (particularly for school-related projects), but today I listened to one of my favorite podcasts (Dear Hank and John). Last weekend, I also spontaneously went rock climbing. I made it to the top of the wall two times! Even though I am doing the beginner route, I feel like I get a good workout from climbing. It challenges muscles I do not normally use, and I can feel it in the few days afterward. They have a rope there (see picture) that you sit on and can do a backward flip with. I managed to get myself on the rope… not flip backward yet though. It is a lot scarier/harder than it looks! Tomorrow, I am hoping to run in the AM.



Spirit: Also not doing great here. I have not been sticking to the routines I would like to implement. I have been staying up really late and sleeping in, which I think contributes to the problem. I just feel more productive/better in the evening. I know there are benefits to being a morning person, but I don’t know if I will ever have those benefits. I should really commit to a 30-day challenge of waking up at a certain time or something to see if it helps… I have meditated maybe one time? I don’t know. The good news is today I was walking

on campus and reflecting on how I was going to write this blog post this evening and talk about how I haven’t been taking care of myself in this way when I saw a sign for a retreat on campus this weekend called YesPlus. I do not know much about it, but I guess it focuses on yoga/meditation/etc. It was really cheap for students given the length, so I signed up! I figure this will be a good reward for turning in my final thesis draft on Friday, and it will hopefully help me get back in sync in this area. So– I am doing pretty well with nutrition, which is a surprise to me. I thought this would be the hardest part. A nutritionist I know of says that nutrition needs to come first (before exercise, at least), so I hope I am doing something right! I am looking forward to my retreat this weekend, and I can’t wait to post about it.

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