My 100 Days of Health: Days 1 – 4

Well, it is already day 4 of my 100 days project– it’s crazy! If you’re just joining me– I was inspired by John Green to complete a 100 days of health project leading up to my wedding. While I am tracking this for (at least) 100 days, I am hoping to develop habits that will stick with me for a lifetime. Here is a quick update of how it is going so far:




Nutrition: This is by far the area that I have (surprisingly) excelled in the most. I have not had any soda or any sweets, candies, desserts, etc. in four days! Given that I would usually have multiple in both categories in a single day, this is a huge accomplishment for me. And I have only had a few moments of noticeably intense cravings (a few times for Coca Cola, a few times for dessert), but I overcame them. Taking Excedrin has been a lifesaver in getting rid of caffeine/sugar withdrawal headaches. In addition to not eating from these categories, I have been eating a lot more at home. It’s just easier to make better choices if I’m not out. I went grocery shopping and stocked up on some yummy avocado, eggs, grapes, bananas, etc as well as a lot of La Croix (p.s.– why is La Croix in a wine glass SO MUCH better than it is in a can?).

 Anther accomplishment is that I have said no to offers of treats a few times– difficult, but worth it! One way I have stayed motivated here is by listening to the Health Nut and the Hot Mess podcast. This is a new podcast, and my triathlete/health/fitness role model, Meredith Atwood, is one of the hosts! (The other host is equally inspiring, although I relate to her less.) Listening to them just helps affirm the choices I am making.

Exercise: I am doing okay here. Since Thursday, I have worked out 45+ minutes two days. This is a little off my goal, but it is still an accomplishment! On Friday, my friend Carol and I went to the gym after I had group therapy (mental self-care is important, too, y’all). We went to the Adventure Recreation Center, which I had never been to before. It’s closer to my apartment, parking is cheaper, and it is way less crowded. The vibe is also different– on the side with the exercise machines, people seemed focused and ready to work, and the side with the rock climbing wall had a bunch of SUPER NICE people. Seriously. So nice. So, we started off with 30 minutes on the treadmill. I have lost a lot of fitness recently, so I walked for 3 minutes and then alternated running 1 minute at a 5.0 pace and walking 1 minute at a 3.8 pace for the rest of the 30 minutes. It felt challenging, but good. After the treadmill, we decided to take advantage of the rock wall. I have had a few jobs where I have worked rock walls, but I have never been a particularly great climber (and it has been a couple of years since I have climbed). The worker who helped us was super great– he taught me how to tie the knot and attach myself to the rope, which felt empowering to do on my own once I got the hang of it. He belayed us. I climbed 3 times on beginner routes. I made it to the top the first time, but I didn’t quite make it the rest of the times– I was so sore! Shout out to Carol who did awesome as well! Rock climbing is fun, and I can see myself putting this into my fitness routine more often. It is challenging, and I would like to get better at it.

On Saturday, I did not work out. I was very, very low energy all day. Today, I decided to walk Rosie for 2 miles while listening to the podcast. A mile into our walk, I got an alert about a tornado warning on my watch and then the sirens started going off! Luckily we made it back to my apartment just before the heavy rain and lightning started. During the walk, Rosie would randomly start doing her zoomies in circles around me (this is where she just runs as fast as she can). She must have learned about HIIIT training! Ha. Oh– and I have made my step goal 3/4 days. I didn’t put my watch on Saturday, but I doubt I would have achieved my step goal that day anyway. Overall, it was an okay few days.

SpiritI have not been doing as well with this area. I’ve been journaling at night. I have not been following the morning/evening routines that I set for myself. (Although I have been drinking tart cherry juice in the evening before bed.) I have not meditated at all. I only took my supplements one of the days. I have not really had any plans this weekend (I actually haven’t left my apartment except to take Rosie outside these past 2 days), so I feel okay because I have had a lot of -me- time. However, I know the absence of this area of self-care will really be felt once I get back into my busier days. I have a pretty intense two weeks coming up with schoolwork.

Overall, I am proud of myself and excited to keep going. 🙂

Do you have any advice for me? Have you been implementing any healthy habits recently? Leave a comment! 

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  1. Way to go Alyssa! Keep it up! I’m super proud of you and I know you’ll keep on rocking and being a shining example to motivate me to be better. Shining like the polished, metallic robot that you are <3

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