My 100 Days of Health!

Improving my health on a holistic level is always a goal of mine. While I am motivated (internally), I am often not disciplined (externally). I could make up excuses. I am a busy person. I am currently on the verge of finishing a traditionally 2-year MA program that I will have completed in 9 months. In addition to 4 classes, I am writing a thesis (which is over 100 pages). I take care of a puppy, and I am planning my wedding in July. In August, I start my PhD. I am a busy bee, but I feel uncomfortable making up the excuse that I have not had “time” to focus on these health goals. Really, I just haven’t been making them a priority. And it shows– I have lost a lot of fitness in the past few months (especially considering I completed a half-Ironman last September!), and I have gained quite a bit of weight since starting graduate school. My energy levels are very low.

One of my role models, John Green, has been doing a project called 100 Days on YouTube that has inspired this. I’ve been watching his videos and following along a bit, but not quite to the level I would like to. His 100 Days is ending soon, so I decided to start my own. I realized that starting tomorrow, there are 100 days until my wedding. I want this to be a lifestyle, not a one-time “project,” but I think that having my wedding as an end-goal for this 100 days will provide me with motivation to keep going. Then, when the 100 days is done, I hope that these changes I’ve made become habits that I can continue.

For my 100 Days, I have developed a set of “rules” to follow, broken down in three categories: nutrition, exercise, and spirit. My biggest problem with nutrition lately is that I drink too much soda, and I eat way too many sweets. I have tried limiting myself in these areas, but that strategy just is not working for me. So, for these 100 days, I am cutting them out! I hope that this eliminates my “sugar demon” and helps me not crave sugar so much. For exercise, I simply want to exercise more. I am planning on exercising 10 min. every morning as part of a morning routine, but I also want to do 45+ minutes of exercise 6 days a week. This could be running, cycling, a fitness class, etc. On days when I am just not feeling it, I want to at least walk my dog for 45 minutes. I just need to move more! I find that exercise helps my mental state, so this is a priority of mine. Finally, I want to focus on my “spirit.” I am going to challenge myself to meditate every day (using the Headspace app I wrote about here), preferably in the morning. I have developed a morning and evening routine using the Routinist app. I feel like all I do is school work and wedding planning, so prioritizing “me” time first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening will hopefully help me feel better and improve my energy levels.

All in all, I am very excited! I am excited to implement this new lifestyle, but I am also going to be using the mantra “progress, not perfection.” In the past, I have tried to stick with a new plan, and as soon as I “mess up,” I give up. By thinking of it in this way, I know that I just need to keep moving forward.

I know in order to change, I need to make this a priority. So, I will be recording my progress on this blog. I hope to update about once a week (probably Sundays) with how my nutrition, exercise, etc. is going. I may also do supplemental posts about the morning and evening routines I am implementing and other parts of this journey for me. I have also created an instagram account (@radwarriorgirl_100days) where I will post meals, etc. Yes, I want to lose weight before my wedding so that I do not look back on that day mad at myself in the future. But I want more than that. I want to have energy, I want to be proud of myself, I want to be strong.

I am strong. I am deserving. 

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