My Bullet Journal

My Bullet JournalAnyone who knows me well knows that I am pretty (very) Type A. Anyone who knew me in college knows that a lot of those tendencies showed themselves in my obsessive upkeep of my various planners. I went through a lot of different types of planners in college, from a typical store bought planner to Moleskine. I planned my days by the hour and kept track of my never-ending to-do lists and assignments. While I don’t quite need to track my days by the hour anymore, I still like having a planner. In my new post-graduate life, I find that the most important information I want to track is my schedule, my planned/completed workouts, the food I consume, and reflections on my life in the form of journal entries. I had tried so many different types of planners, but nothing seemed to be perfect for what I wanted. I’d end up having multiple books, and it was too hard to keep track of it all.

Then I discovered bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling might mean different things to different people, but ultimately it is taking a notebook and designing your own planner out of it to fit what you need. You can have one book for all of your lists, schedules, etc. Some people do monthly calendar layouts; some people do weekly. (I do a daily format.) I have been bullet journaling for a few months now, and I feel like I am finally getting some templates down that I like. Some of what I do has been inspired by what I have seen others do (since I’m not selling them, I think it is okay) and some of it is of my own creation.

Here’s what works for me!


My first page 🙂


My key– inspired from other bullet journals.

I track the books I’ve read, the miles I ran, the miles I biked, the yards I swam, the yoga classes I’ve attended, where I’ve traveled, and my favorite TV shows/movies. Here are those pages:








I also have my Memphis in May Olympic triathlon plan.



Random lyric drawing.

Now onto what I do for each month!


I make a monthly quick-glance calendar.


I write goals and keep track of them (as well as blog ideas and books I want to read).


I keep track of self-care habits. You can tell when I was stressed/tired because there is a lot of gray (meaning I didn’t complete the item). The different colors for each day don’t mean anything– I just think it is pretty.


I make weekly nutrition goals and keep track of them. A ‘X’ means that I did it, if I color the box in black it means I didn’t do it. I also write a reflection at the end of each week.


My daily layouts can get a little personal, but you can see the template here. I show the weather in the top right corner with the high and low of the day, and then I write any activities I have. I organize my page into “Move, Nourish, Believe,” which is from the Lorna Jane company, but I really like it. Move is where I write about my completed workouts, nourish is where I track what I eat, and believe is where I write anything good I did for myself that day. On the right side I write a journal entry for the day.


I’ve also started adding reflections at the end of each week about my triathlon training.

Other things that I include in my bullet journal that aren’t pictured here: monthly budget, monthly to-do list, monthly wish list…

As you can see, my bullet journal mainly consists of pens. I use Microns for my black ink and Staedtler triplus fineliners for all of the color. The journal itself is a Moleskine. I would like to start experimenting with more tape, stickers, and pictures in the future.

Keeping up with my bullet journal obviously takes up a bit of time, but I find it therapeutic and I really like it!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What do you do differently? 


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