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My Vision Board-2
On Thursday night, I was looking at some inspiration for my bullet journal and came across some posts about “The Miracle Morning.” I had heard about this before, but I quickly brushed it away because anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person. I get up at the last minute basically every day. If I have time to shower, my hair is usually still a bit damp when I leave the house. However, something intrigued me this time around. I’ve been feeling a lot lately… negative feelings because of all the tragedy happening in the world and positive feelings because I will be attending graduate school in the fall to finally pursue my dream. I will be moving and having a new beginning, and while I don’t know if we can ever truly redefine ourselves, I am trying to use this opportunity (and the free time I will have before school starts) to shape myself into the person I want to be. So, I downloaded The Miracle Morning onto my Kindle and started reading… and didn’t stop until it was 3 AM and I was done. (For the record, I still did wake up earlier than I had to the next day to complete my first miracle morning.)

I’ll provide a different post on the overall Miracle Morning concept, but what I wanted to focus on now was the visualization piece. One of the activities each morning is “Visualization”– seeing in your mind’s eye what you imagine yourself to be, how you want your life to go. Visualization is something I have a bit of practice with; we used to visualize a perfect skating program before competitions. I started making a “Vision Board” on Pinterest, but I decided that I was feeling crafty and wanted a physical one. So, the process of creating my vision board began! I posted the board on a Facebook group and got a lot of positive feedback, so I want to share my process.

The first step was buying a few basic supplies: a cork board from Michael’s (love their coupons) and a set of push pins. I also picked up some fancy gold garland from Michael’s. Everything else I already had!

Once I had all my supplies together, I started to envision what I wanted my vision board to look like (ha). I wanted it to encompass some of my current goals and to remind me of the values I want to live up to each day.

I knew I wanted to include a piece of word art that I previously wrote in my bullet journal. I recreated the lyrics from the opening number to Hamilton and placed that on my board first. Then, I gathered a lot of magazines I had in my apartment and scanned through them, cutting out words/images that stood out to me. I put those to the side and created the banners you see at the top and the morning/evening routine pages. I put those on the cork board, but I hadn’t written anything on them yet. Then I played around with my magazine images, deciding which ones were the most meaningful to me and what looked aesthetically pleasing. I ended up not using a lot of what I cut out.

Leftover inspiration. 

Overall, I think I chose inspiration that really fits with my values and what I am working for. Using thumbtacks to attach them to the cork board means that I can also easily update my vision board over time.

The penultimate step was to write in the banners at the top and the routines at the bottom. I chose “rise up” because I like that phrase, “spark joy” to remind me of the KonMari philosophy, and the Four Agreements because that is one of my favorite inspirational books and something I work towards each day. I chose to include the routines so that I can easily access what I hope to do each morning/evening. I am hoping to develop some good habits as I transition into graduate school- I want to be mentally and physically healthy!

The last step was to add the garland around the borders. I think it adds a pretty finishing touch 🙂


What do you think? Do you have a vision board? If so, what do you have on it (I would love to see pictures!)? If not, what would you include? 

Thank you for reading!

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