#baesinthebay2016: My Trip to San Francisco

As a birthday present, my parents bought me a plane ticket to San Francisco for a friend reunion. My friend Irene from junior high/high school lives out there, and another one of our friends, Samantha, flew out for the long weekend as well! Unfortunately, our friend Danielle couldn’t make it, but we thought of herRead more

Book Reviews: Conversion, The Cresswell Plot, and Mosquitoland

Summertime before starting graduate school means reading, reading, reading! Since I am going to be specializing in young adult literature in my program, I like to think of it more as preparation. In the past couple of weeks, I have finished three awesome young adult books! Don’t worry- no major spoilers here beyond what youRead more

Giving Myself Space: The Headspace App

A few days ago I posted this little gem to some of my social media accounts, celebrating the fact that I have now completed seven days in a row of Headspace! People seemed intrigued about what Headspace is, so I wanted to share my experience and knowledge of it so far through a means that is a littleRead more

My Vision Board

On Thursday night, I was looking at some inspiration for my bullet journal and came across some posts about “The Miracle Morning.” I had heard about this before, but I quickly brushed it away because anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person. I get up at the last minute basically everyRead more

Me Before You book/movie review (spoiler alert)

Disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers about Me Before You. I am not quadriplegic or similarly disabled. I have, however, experienced depression firsthand. Obviously this is my own perspective, and I would be interested to hear any points of agreement/disagreement. The point of this is to share my thoughts and to continue learning.  On Friday,Read more

April Recap, Favorites, & Highlights

(Disclaimer: I think a lot of the pictures will show up the wrong way if this is viewed on a mobile device. Sorry!) “April is the cruellest month.” In a lot of ways that I won’t get into here, it was, but when I look back it also had a lot of positives.   TheRead more

My Bullet Journal

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am pretty (very) Type A. Anyone who knew me in college knows that a lot of those tendencies showed themselves in my obsessive upkeep of my various planners. I went through a lot of different types of planners in college, from a typical store bought planner toRead more

Book Review: Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

One of my favorite podcasts, #millennial, has started a book club, and our first book was Devil in the White City. I had never heard of it before it was chosen, but it is apparently quite popular as I keep seeing it everywhere. (Also—they are apparently making a movie and Leonardo DiCaprio will be playingRead more

Race Report: The Glo Run 2016

This will be brief because this was the worst race experience I have ever had. I suppose after all of the good that I experienced the previous weekend in Little Rock, I was bound to have some bad luck with a race for once. (Disclaimer: sorry for the lack of pictures. I don’t really wantRead more