Race Report: Zoom Through the Zoo 4 Miler 2015

Zoom Thru the Zoo 4-milerThis was a great way to spend my Thursday night! This race is a part of the M-Town Race Series, but I was unable to sign up for the whole thing due to work. The race was at 6:30 PM, so I headed over after work. The start is pretty close to my apartment (a little over a mile away), but I still drove over just in case something happened or it was dark when I was leaving. There were a lot of people there, and the course was pretty crowded the entire time. I had been told that this race was notorious for being on the first really hot day of the year, but that wasn’t the case for this year. A lot of people actually wore long sleeve shirts for the race. I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t because I was comfortable once I started running. I ended up running the entire first mile without any walk breaks (something I never do), but i was going slow enough due to the congestion that this wasn’t really a problem. As the title suggests, the course was 4 miles, but only a little over a mile of the course actually went through the Memphis Zoo. I got to see elephants and a silly bird! Sadly, the giraffes were inside. The rest of the course went through Overton Park, which is a place that I run frequently. After the first mile, I did run/walk intervals (about 3-4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking). I also took advantage of the water stops and walked through those! Ultimately, I felt like I really pushed myself in this race for a new race PR! I’ve never done a 4 mile race before for comparison, but my average minute/mile time was higher than it has ever been for a race, so I’m proud of that.

Yay, PR!

After crossing the finish line, I got some water, walked through the zoo to see if the otters were out (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to do that, but oh well. Sadly, the otters weren’t out. They never are.), and then waited in a long line for some post-race dinner (as always, barbecue. Memphis isn’t very creative in this aspect.). The saddest moment of the whole evening was that they were serving Pepsi instead of Coke. Friends of mine will know that I am a huge fan of Coke, especially after exercise! I tried a Diet Pepsi, but was disgusted and gave up on that immediately.

Absolute nonsense. 

I sat down and watched a little bit of the awards, and then I decided to head out because it was chilly. Overall, a fun experience and a proud moment for me!

Overall time: 46:46.2 (11:41/mile)

Age group (20-24): 40/66

Overall: 997/1505

Hanging with a lion. And the trash people left by him. 🙁 

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